The Drawing Room is a multi-purpose arts and social space situated in the heart of Sheffield. 

The space seeks to provide a low cost, stimulating, creative yet down to earth environment for all creative and community based activities. 

Once occupied by a theatre set building company and sharing a building with Ernest Wright & Son handmade scissor makers, the space has the atmosphere of a dynamic working environment.

You can pop in to see our current exhibition most weekdays 1pm-5pm. We also host our own classes, exhibitions and events here. See 'What's On' for more info.


The space can also be hired.

Gordon Snee Art

Gordon Snee Art is a small organisation that looks after and exhibits the works of abstract artist Gordon Snee. 

It is through these activities that The Drawing Room originally came about.

The aims of Gordon Snee Art are to look after the work and use it as inspiration to give back to arts in the community.

Snee works are also shown here.

To find out more about Gordon Snee check out website www.gordonsneeart.co.uk

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