Past Exhibitions

'Now you See It', an exhibition of watercolours of Sheffield's ever changing industrial landscape.


Jo is inspired by the forms of industrial buildings that range from Victorian grandeur to mid 20th century utilitarianism. From the remnants of colossal steelworks to small workshops, derelict to 'done up', they tell a story.


Making a painting of something can bring attention to things so familiar they are almost unseen. Thus 'NOW you see It'.


As buildings are demolished and new ones take their place, previously unseen views are revealed that may only be available for a short time.


Buildings that may only have been seen previously from one angle show a different 'face'.

'Now you see it, now you don't'.

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Dressing up Box image.jpg

John Pedder - Dressing Up Box

The main pictures for this exhibition were a series of woodcut prints of children insulated from the outside world by a larger figure which represented their unfettered imaginations in the form of fancy dress.


The images however can also be read as an adult retaining enough innocent wonder to help colour their grown up days. 


When you apply these meanings to the blurred lines of the 21st century where a child such as Greta Thunberg is compelled to test just how many adults have retained a little of their younger selves, then you get this feeling of conflict as question are asked of people who seem to be fudging their answers.


John is uses a hand carved wooden alphabet to print names onto these prints using a stamping method. Making each print personalised.


The idea came to him when he posted a print on Instagram and spelt out the name of ‘Greta’.


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Gordon Snee - Small Works

This exhibition was an exciting opportunity to view some of Gordon Snee’s many smaller works. It included very early work, right through to drawings made towards the end of his life. On display were drawings, paintings and prints, many of which had never been exhibited before.

Gordon Snee painted from the late 1940s to 2013. He rarely exhibited his work. It was only after his death that his vast legacy of paintings, drawings, sketch-books and maquettes came to light. They revealed that Gordon Snee is a master of form and colour, who should be considered alongside the finest British post-war abstract painters.

Stephen MJ Withington AKA Simian City-

Simian Summer

Stephen is drawn to monkeys by their anarchic nature. They are closer to us than many would care to accept.


From the creepiest little monkeys to the great apes, they mock us and mirror us. They symbolise rebellion. They shine a light on the absurdity of human arrogance. We are, after all, just monkeys with nukes and delusions of grandeur.

Simian Summer intended to be warmer, more about love than rebellion. The interesting contrast between war-like chimps and loved-up bonobos may also have been at play in some of these images.

Lift Up Thine Eyes

Tracy Woolhouse - Spectrum

Spectrum by Tracy Woolhouse was an exciting opportunity to see the first exhibition from the artist in over a decade.

Tracy took a 12 year break from painting when raising her kids, who are both on the Autistic Spectrum.

It's only recently that Tracy has taken up painting again, now with her children as the inspiration.


‘As my focus has been our kids for a few years I thought I'd give a glimpse into our sensory world within the autism spectrum. Raise some awareness, acceptance and start some conversations. I also explored a spectrum of colour, light and reflections in my paintings...a new challenge for me.’

Dave Akehurst - Cities and Cranes

Dave Akehurst is an artist based in Sheffield. Inspired by the city’s leafy yet industrial character, Dave takes familiar scenes of the city and celebrates them in paint form.


Dave’s studio is based right next to The Drawing Room in Vision Works studios. For some of these paintings, inspiration has been taken from right on the doorstep.

Dave Mair - When I Hear Music

David Mair is a new artist based in Sheffield. Inspired by his love of music David paints while he listens, putting onto canvas what he hears.


The artwork is about expressing oneself without limitations, exploring and playing with what comes out.


David worked a day job for years in the NHS and recently made the choice to leave his day job to focus solely on painting. What you see is an expression of that release.

Tracy Woolhouse - Spectrum 1
Dave Akehurst - Cities & Cranes 2

Marcin Szuba- 

On the Other Side of The Mountains

Presented oil paintings absorb the viewer into the forests and mountains. They don’t depict the visible world but one that stands between the artist’s feelings and near abstract forms and mysterious colours.

Marcin Szuba graduated with MA in painting from Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland in 2004 and now teaches oil painting at the Art House in Sheffield.

Marcin Szuba - On the other side of the